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"Eve" is said to be the first woman; it is our continuous endeavor to support can take care of all the women who are suffering. EVECARE is always ready to give the best treatment to all women who needs them.

The concept behind EVECARE is all the Gynaecological OPD facilities under one roof like consultation, investigations, imaging and treatment modalities. Gynae & OBS means not only related to menstruation problems and birth. But lot more, like counselling, family planning consultation, subfertility, high risk pregnancy management, hormonal treatment, laparoscopic surgery, imaging, what not… Our aim is to cater all the ailment to cure.

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Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy

A camera is used to look inside the tummy or the womb to detect any pathology. The operation if needed also done by very small keyhole like hole on abdomen (tummy). As the hole is very small, pain after operation is negligible and the possibility of Hernia after operation is rare, shorter hospital stays 2 to 3 days, minimum blood loss, reduced infection rate with quicker recovery. Hence the person can resume back to normal work within few days.

Recurrent miscarriage

Miscarriage in succession is really traumatic to both mother and the family members. Special monitoring and guidance is given to this high risk pregnancies to achive healthy baby and safe motherhood

Uterine Fibroids

This is usually benign condition but there is very rare occurrence of malignancy. Patient may feel heavy bleeding, swelling of lower tummy, pain. The possibility of Fibroid(tumor) should be ruled out by imaging. Fibroid dose not always mean Operation. Newer medicines, implants etc are availble for treatment.

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is an operation in which Uterus is removed due to some pathological conditions. Conventionally it is done by cutting the tummy, but in recent times it is done by Laparoscopy i.e. by camera and making 3-4 small holes in tummy. The advantage of this procedure are less pain, hospital stay(2 to 3 days) and possibility of Hernia.

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